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Join urban beekeeping and foster bees on your rooftop

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Strenghten your sustainability reporting

Investing in urban beekeeping offers a purposeful pathway to enhance sustainable city development and fortify social and environmental policies in line with ESG criteria, while also enabling the acquisition of building certifications like BREEAM, LEED, and WELL.

Engage (with) your community

Urban beekeeping fosters cooperation and solidarity among people, nurturing a sense of community spirit, and contributes to team formation through shared goals and activities.

Improve your public image and reputation

Spread the message about your company's commitment to sustainability through its urban beekeeping initiative as a unique and original marketing strategy.

Baltic sustainability awards ambassador Paulius Chockevicius

Baltic Sustainability Ambassador 2023

Paulius Chockevičius, the founder and CEO of, was awarded the title of Baltic Sustainability Ambassador at the Baltic Sustainability Awards 2023.


We are proud members of the 1 % for the Planet global movement that unites businesses that are commited to donating 1% of profits to environmental protection projects.

How does urban beekeeping work?


1. We install new, eco-friendly, handmade beehives

Our hives are made from natural solid wood, ensuring excellent living conditions for bees. Alongside the hives, we introduce friendly Bukfast bees, known worldwide for their calm and peaceful nature.


2. We ensure professional and consistent bee care

We take full responsibility for the well-being of bee colonies and provide our clients with detailed work reports. Furthermore, clients have the option to receive smart hive data, including weight, temperature, and even sound.


3. We collect and prepare the honey

When the hives are filled with honey, we extract, pour and bottle the honey with care in our apiary base. The honey jars come with your company's logo. Your only duty is to invite friends to taste test the fresh honey.

5. We assist with your environmental and social responsibility (ESG) strategy

Bees positively contribute to environmental conservation and biodiversity, which also reduces the impacts of climate change. Companies that support bees positively contribute to the environment, which can be illustrated in the mandatory ESG reports.


4. We organize unique workshops and seminars

By nurturing bees, you'll have the chance to interact closely with them and gain firsthand insight into their work. Beekeeping is the ultimate team-building acitivity.

6. We participate in research and contribute to the global scientific community

With pollen bees collect information that reflects environmental air quality and the level of biological diversity. By caring for bees, you contribute to the global INSIGNIA project and the citizen scientists initiative.

"I'm glad there are people like Paulius (and his team) who know what they're doing and enjoy it - their stories, arguments, explanations, and examples have dispelled all the stereotypical "what ifs" and doubts, so we quickly "adopted" several families and urban beekeepers with their help. Indeed, we are even happy to contribute in a small way to the preservation of bees" partneris Eastnine
Giedrė Žūkaitė-Jefimovienė
Client Experience Officer

Contribute to sustainable urban development and community engagement

„We constantly talk about climate change, excessive resource consumption, and other environmental issues, but there is another threat to the planet’s survival lurking ‘on the sidelines’ – the rapid decline of bee populations. By welcoming bees into urban environments, we give them and humanity as a whole a chance to survive

 Paulius Chockevičius Founder and CEO of 

Sustainable solutions for businesses

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ESG strategy and sustainable solutions

By fostering bees your company showcases the dedication to sustainable development and ability to adapt to a changing environment, thereby attracting investors and public trust.

BREEAM, LEED, WELL certifications

Beehives on rooftops attain credits for sustainable building certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, WELL, while also positively contributing to urban biodiversity and employee well-being.

Green roofs and green spaces

Join the green building revolution by replacing your roof with a green roof, which absorbs carbon dioxide, protects the building from overheating and supports pollinators.

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Biodiversity index and scientific research

We ensure the quality of urban honey by analyzing its composition, toxins, heavy metals, and botanical origin as well as the biodiversity index. Based on the research findings, we seek appropriate solutions.

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