Boost your BREEAM score with urban beekeeping

Boost your BREEAM score with urban beekeeping

New generation of shopping malls

A popular shopping destination decided to host bee hives on top of rooftop to boost their environmental stewarship and imprive BREEAM score. The shopping center “BIG Vilnius,” located in the Fabijoniškės district, has been awarded the international “Breeam In-Use” certification. The shopping center hosts bees on its rooftop, uses energy efficiently, and has installed water-saving systems. All these efforts have allowed the center to stand out and set an example in the field of sustainability.

The globally recognized “BREEAM” (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification evaluates the sustainability of both new and existing buildings. The certification confirms that a building can meet high environmental and sustainability standards.

"In our shopping center, we create a comfortable and high-quality environment for tenants and shoppers. Therefore, durable, sustainable solutions focused on the quality of the surrounding environment and human health are among our top priorities"
Gintautė Radušienė
„BIG Vilnius“ Manager bee hives on top of "BIG Vilnius" rooftop
Three hives full of bees that pollinate nearby environment

Bees and sustainability

The decision made a year ago to house bees on the roof of the “BIG Vilnius” shopping center demonstrates that the center’s managers prioritize not only the building’s sustainability but also the environment in which they operate.

Caring for bees directly contributes to biodiversity and the preservation of pollinators, which are fundamental to a healthy ecosystem. A healthy and green ecosystem regulates excess carbon dioxide and filters other pollutants.

The BREEAM certification system awards 10 credits for initiatives that enhance local biodiversity and preserve pollinators. BREEAM certification helps building managers, investors, owners, and users reduce operational costs and improve the environmental characteristics of existing buildings.

"Bees living in the city contribute to increasing biodiversity, and businesses that welcome them onto their rooftops foster a sustainable and conscious community around them. The honey collected from the hives on the shopping center's rooftop is gifted to tenants and partners."
Paulius Chockevičius
CEO and founder of
A bee comb full of worker bees in the summer

Your company can foster bees right now as well.  Don’t wait—welcome these endangered pollinators and establish yourself in the property management market as a sustainability leader by earning the BREEAM sustainability certificate. For more information on how urban beekeeping contributes to sustainable city development and helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals, click here.

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